Śrī Yogāmbā Sameta Śrī Atmānandanātha

A boy from an unprepossessing Nambuthiri family  with an inborn devotion to Kāli….

Śrī Yogāmbā Sameta Śrī Atmānandanātha

A teenager whose aching devotion got rewarded by the mother herself in a dream with an initiation of the Shodashi….

A novice desirous of initiation, who was directed to his Śrī Guru, with Śrī Mātā Lalitā herself giving him the address of the seer….

An ardent disciple who prioritized Śrī Guru Pādukā even over the many esoteric mantras of Śrī Vidyā….

A chemist who worked his way up the ladder hard and smart, with no golden hands to raise him up….

An adhering disciple who married at the command of his Guru and invited his wife to be a part of him, not just a partner….

An intense Śrī Vidyopāsakā who with the permission of his seer, came to spread Śrī Mātā Lalitā’s love to many a disciple….

A lovestruck child of Lalitā who travelled, listened, enquired and researched for every rare unrecorded treatise of Śrī Vidya and recorded them, for all to use….

A rooted believer in Guru Parampara who scouted the corners of the land to find the heritage of the Gurus in his lineage and found it too, miraculously.

A householder who cared raised and educated his children with the income he made from his employment, never using his position or influence as a Śrī Guru to make money off.

An established and renowned source of authentic knowledge of Śrī Vidya, so valued by every other Upāsaka of pedigree.

A Śrī Guru who spent his time and toil on his disciples, initiating them, listening to their worries, counselling them and inspiring them to beseech Lalitā for all things, worldly and spiritual.

A gentle hearted and sweet worded speaker with patience for diversity # kindness for misgivings of those who came unto him.

A Śrī Vidyopāsakā whose penance was more directed towards his disciples and their ascent than his own, thusly clearly establishing the truth that love is true worship.

A human who suffered life halting injuries and still shouldered on the task of Instilling Śrī Mātā Lalitā’s love in every heart that listened to him.

An erudite scholar who has penned over dozens of books, commentaries, abridgements, that have become the star light to every earnest seeker.

Such a magnificent grace is our Śrī Guru Śrī Yogāmbā Sameta Śrī Atmānandanātha

His Love Guides us!



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V S Ambasuthan


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