Śrī Svarnavalyambā Sahita Śivānandanātha

Dutiful Renowned & Astoundingly Selfless

Śrī Svarnavalyambā Sahita Śivānandanātha​

What does a young boy with a big family do when his father dies at his tender age?

How does this young boy balance the burden of fulfilling his family’s needs and also focus on the blessing of an early initiation to Śrī Vidyā?

How do you find the strength to live without self-pity or anger but with magnanimous selflessness even when you are not blessed with children?

Obstacles that many of us have succumbed to, but they took a bow to our Parātpara Guru, Śrī Svarnavalyambā Sahita Śivānandanātha.

Our Parātpara Guru was born on July the 24th 1899 as the eldest son to Vallanādu Bramhaśrī Śrī Harihara Shastri and Śrīmati Vaikunta Lakshmi and was named Adhishesha Shastri.

He grew to be an ardent student grasping Vedas, like he was born for it and became a beaming ray of expertise that he was appointed as the Rig Veda teacher (Adhyāpaka) at Kovilur Mutt.

Having lost his father at a tender age and with a big family to cater to, he dedicated himself for their welfare, offering his sweat and toil for their education, health, marriage and wellbeing.

As a reward he was blessed with a wife of great fortitude, kindness and unswerving support, in Śrīmati Thangam.

He surrendered his heart body and intellect at THE FEET of Lalitā all through his life performing the Navāvarana puja everyday elaborately and intensely.

So much so was his intricate method of worship that Kanchi Śrī Mahāperiyavā, the Saint and doyen of many an elaborate puja, himself observed desire of performing Navāvarana puja like him.

He was given the blessed opportunity to tutor Śrī Jayendra Sarasvati Svāmigal in Rig Veda.

His selflessness dedication and intense involvement created many a successful disciple other than our parameshti Guru such as Śrī Vānchiyam Vaidyanātha Dikshitar, Ariyur Subrahmanya Ganapātigal, Kumbakonam Lakshmikānta Sharma just to name few, who emulated him and spread his legacy for many to admire.

Having performed his roles as a pillar of support to his family, a kind and expert teacher to his disciples, a loving and guiding husband to his wife and most importantly a wholly surrendered intensely devoted child of Śrī Mātā,

Our Parātpara Guru left for Śrī Pura on January 2nd, 1974.

His Inspiration lives on!

On Behalf of Shishyas

V S Ambasuthan


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