Śrī Sarasvatyambā sahita Śrī Yajanānandanātha

Simple, Consistent & Absolutely Non-Materialistic

Śrī Sarasvatyambā sahita Śrī Yajanānandanātha

Our Parama Guru was born on August,19th 1922 to Thetiyur Bramhaśrī Seetharama Shastri and Śrīmati Subbalakshmi and grew in a traditional household ingrained with ethics of simple living and high thinking.  

Having done ghanānta adhyāyana in Rig Veda in the city of Chidambaram, he was initiated into the Navākshari at early age and in the Śrī Vidyā lineage at the age of 55.

His consistency in the practices of Śrī Lalitā Navāvarana puja every day and saptashati pārāyana was a living proof that one could make a daily habit of worshipping Śrī Mātā elaborately without fail, by proper time management and dedication.

He chose to be absolutely non-materialistic in all his life, dedicating his time and efforts to practise astrology proficiently for well-being of the people and.Śrī Vidyā intensely and in secrecy.

He was married to Śrīmati Sarasvati.  The couple were both engrossed in the worship of Śrī Mātā every day and never sought fame or Publicity.  

Our Parama Guru, Śrī Sarasvatyambā Sahita Yajanānandanātha, chose to initiate and train only one disciple, our Śrī Guru.

His penance and astute living will stay a guiding example to all the spiritual aspirants in his lineage then on, as a proven life style to attain THE FEET of Śrī Mātā Lalitāmbā.

This epitome of simplicity and devotion, our Parama Guru, left his worldly body for Śrīpura, on March 21st, 1996.

His glory lives on!


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V S Ambasuthan


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