Śrī Kamalāsanāmbā Sahita Śrī Natanānandanātha

Mastery Humility & Unshaken Dedication

Śrī Kamalāsanāmbā Sahita Śrī Natanānandanātha

Renowned exponent in dharma shastra, chief purohit for eighteen villages in and around Śrī Vānchiyam town, anointed Brahma (Chief Overseer) of many and all elaborate yagnas done therein.

Such was the mastery of our Parameshti Guru Śrī Kamalāsanāmbā Sahita Śrī Natanānandanātha.

Our Parameshti Guru was born as the youngest son to Bramhaśrī Muthuswamy Shastri and Śrīmati Meenakshi on December 12th, 1907, he was named Krishnamurthy and raised fondly and strictly in the Vedic household of his parents.

He grew to become an exponent in everything he learnt and soon became the go to expert purohit in all of the eighteen villages surrounding his birth place, Śrī Vānchiyam town.

Even stalwarts would appoint him as Brahma in complex yagnas as he knew the intricate and intrinsic Methodius operandi of elaborate Vedic practices.

His memory of the dharma shastras was astounding and hence very relied upon by all his patrons.

He was initiated to Śrī Vidyā at the age of 40 and directly into the esoteric Shodashi mantra which is the final stage of initiation before Purnābhisheka.

Clearly identified as deserving by his Guru, our Parātpara Guru, he was unshaken in his dedication and worship of Śrī Mātā and Śrī Guru always.

He was not the one to exclaim his own knowledge or achievements so much so that even patrons who knew him would be surprised to hear that he was a Śrī Vidyopāsaka.

Married To Śrīmati Kamala, who was the pillar of support to his ascension on the Royal Path, our Parameshti Guru sought to initiate only one disciple as guided by his guru and the inner call.

He was one of the very few stalwarts who took upon dharma anushtana and Śrī Vidyopāsana as a solemn duty and performed it with utmost respect and in secrecy all his life.

An Inspiration to be emulated absolutely Śrī Kamalāsanāmbā Sahitha Natanānandanātha left for Śrī Pura on July 26th, 1987.

Though he merged in THE LOTUS FEET of Śrī Mātā Lalitā,

His Mastery lives on!


On Behalf of Shishyas

V S Ambasuthan


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