Śrī Ambānandanātha

The Mother who created us all will care for us all,Provide for us all & guide us all.

This is the point of faith that runs every being in this universe to confidently live, work, play, pray and succeed.

This faith is always rewarded by the merciful Mother who as a Guru descends on earth at different times and places, embraces her children and leads them to love and light….

Such a merciful Guru was Śrī Ambānandanātha.

Initiated and instructed into the Śrī Vidyā pooja paddhati by the Goddess Śrī Mīnakshī herself, Śrī Ambānandanātha heralded a lineage which still has in the chronology of its Guru Parampara, Ādi Shiva and Śrī Mīnākshyambā as the first Gurus, he being the first human Guru of this order.

Popularly known as Vīrai Kavirāja Panditar, he started a legacy of Śrī Vidyā that would continue to last for centuries leading earnest disciples to Śrī Mātā Lalitā.

One of the most prolific translations of Ādi Sankara’s Soundaryalahari in Tamil was his poetic work, which contained the tantric essence of the original….

His Vārāhimālai again is an exposition of mystic greatness of The Goddess with Boar face for the devotees to read, relate to and relish….

His other works, Ānandamālai and Jñāna ulā, are in Tamil.

Often retold by his followers and even common folk is how The Mother herself took the form of his daughter waited upon him, attended to his needs and served him to everyone’s astonishment….

His work was focused on the pure and absolute practice of Śrī Vidyā, devotion and surrender being the key elements and not any other distracting powers or gifts….

His complete adoration and exaltation of Śrī Mātā was so relished by The Mother herself that he was granted the Jīva samādhi at the temple northern side at the Śrī Avudaināyagī sameta Śrī Kailāsanāthar temple at Veera Cozhapuram on the full moon day in the month of Thai (Jan-Feb). His form is seen at Mānā Madurai Śrī Ānandanāyagī sameta Śrī Somanāthar temple, where he is worshiped before the Goddess retires with her Lord at night and the first in the morning after the wakeup.

Having initiated earnest disciples to practice and persevere Śrī Vidyā, Śrī Ambānandanātha still lives in every Guru in his lineage leading every disciple that comes unto be initiated in the order.

The Mother’s mercy is what that sustains us to hold our faith, and believe that SHE has come as our Śrī Guru to care for us.

Śrī Ambānandanātha was, is and always will be her mercy guiding us.

His Grace lives on!

On Behalf of Shishyas

V S Ambasuthan


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